Danielle Khoo

Undergraduate student
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Contact: danielle.khoo@yahoo.com




After developing an interest in the vast world of robotics, I reached out to Dr. Desai and his Robotics, Automation, and Medical Systems (RAMS) Lab. This fall I am collaborating with Yeongjin Kim on a rehabilitation robotics project. The primary goal of this device is to assist stroke patients in regaining hand functionality post-stroke.

Before joining the RAMS group, I was an undergraduate research assistant in the Center for Environmental Energy Engineering (CEEE). My primary research focus at CEEE was working with a PhD candidate to build a micro-trigeneration system for his thesis. The goal of the project was to develop an environmentally friendly and energy efficient solution for domestic use.

Engineering and research intrigues me because it is centered on innovation – It is about finding world class solutions for the problems today and the problems of the future.